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SIGNED Paperback Copy

SIGNED Paperback Copy

Your very own signed copy of ILLICIT AFFAIRS.

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Ava Archer had everything a woman could ever desire.

She was beautiful, rich, sociable, and free to do whatever she wanted between the sheets. Her job was easier than breathing when she worked as an assistant for her old man. Ava got everything she wanted and was used to getting her own way…

Until she met Nathaniel Brooks.

Order and control were all that Nate knew when he was a managing partner of the prestigious law firm Archer and Brooks. When his business partner takes ill, he must leave his comfortable Manhattan branch and tend to the firm in London. He didn’t foresee this change being problematic but then again…

He hadn’t yet met his fiery and tenacious assistant, Ava Archer.

In a battle for dominance, Ms. Archer would need to fall in line if she were to work under Mr. Brooks but there was just one problem: not all women are submissive.

When the clock strikes five, both would soon realise the difficulty in keeping things business as usual behind office doors…

Will Nate be able to maintain control over his heart?

Will Ava lose everything when she learns that for a lawyer, deception is their art?


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